10 Ultra Cool Ideas of Taper Fade for Curly Hair

Scribbled Underline

Keep the sides and back short and let the crown be curly.


High fade and slicked-back curly hair on top provide a sophisticated look.

Curly High Fade:

A top knot and tapering fade will give your curly hair a fashionable and relaxed look.

Curly Top Knot

Combining a modest skin fade with a trendy pattern lets the curly hair on top shine.

Curly Low Skin

Maintain short sides and back with a taper fade and show off well-defined curls.

Short Curly Taper

Combining an undercut with curly hair on top and a tapered back is bold and unique.

Curly Undercut: 

Slick back your curly hair into a pomp style with a taper fade for an attractive look.

Slicked-Back Pomp: 

Maintain short, textured sides and back while highlighting the curly top.

Curled Short Taper

Give your curly hair a hard part and a low fade for a trendy look.

Hard-Part Curly

Combine a clean taper fade with twisted curly hair on top for a distinctive and textured look.

Curly Twisted Top

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