Starbucks Refreshers With Customization Cost $1 More

Starbucks' Refreshers drinks may cost extra this summer if you were expecting to escape the heat. The business now charges extra for "no 

water" personalization on its Instagram-worthy fruity cocktails, such as Strawberry Açaí and Mango Dragonfruit.

"Starting May 9, Starbucks Refreshers Beverages customized with no water will cost $1 more due to extra ingredients," a spokesman stated. 

This update allows us to offer a more uniform personalization experience, akin to adding an espresso shot or syrup, which cost extra. 

A typical Refresher blends water and flavored drink base. A no-water modification gives customers more Refresher foundation for a stronger flavor.

Late this month, rumors circulated that the coffee company will charge for no-water orders and Refreshers with light or no ice. Despite not 

confirming the extra no-water charge, Starbucks denied allegations that customers would be charged more for light and no ice.

Starbucks will undoubtedly make a lot of money from every Refresher without water. The business previously attributed $1 billion in annual revenue

Starbucks expects to earn immensely from the upcharge, but many consumers are unhappy that they'll pay for the formerly free personalization.

"Like it isn't expensive enough as is," a commenter commented on an April TikTok video on the unconfirmed upcharge rumors.

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